Membership Committee

Committee Members

  • Angela McCauley, Harnett County Public Library, Chairperson

  • Laura Crooks (Alexander County)

  • Cheryl Reddish (Warren County)

  • Patti McAnally ( Perry Memorial Library, Vance County)

  • Laurel Morris (Gaston County)

  • Joan Sherif (Northwestern Regional)

  • Virginia March (Onslow County)


· Presenting new members membership pins at NCPLDA meetings

· Welcoming everyone especially new members at meetings

· Assigning mentors upon request for new members

· Asking icebreaker questions during meetings along with presentation of small prize

· Encouraging members to be actively involved in the organization including serving on committees

· Promoting general welfare of the organization


Attending one or two meetings per year at NCPLDA, emailing new members, responding on list serve or surveys as needed, being willing to welcome new members at the beginning of meeting (General Members 2 hours each meeting cycle of 6 hours)

Chairpersons prepared Membership report, make presentations at meetings, assign mentors, assign committee members to welcome at meetings, meet by telephone with co-chair (Chairpersons 4 hours each meeting cycle or total of 12 hours)